Drones for flight inspections of navigation aids

We produce innovative drone-based solutions for flight inspection of navigation and landing systems at airports. We follow the standards and recommended practices for aeronautical telecommunications ICAO annex 10

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Types of systems for checking

ILS inspection

A mobile radio measuring complex is a unique and groundbreaking tool for execution of special checks, necessary for commissioning and regular maintenance of instrument landing systems (ILS) of all categories. Follow the link below to learn more.

ILS system

PAPI and Lights inspections

Cursir develops a solution for a system of PAPI calibration and control of ground-based flight strip lightning (foreign objects detection) and damage, applying UVA. A high view point, a precise position control system and controlling software are an advantage in terms of efficiency and data analysis.


VOR inspections

Cursir offers a groundbreaking tool, designed for VOR maintenance and calibration. By integrating a VOR signal measuring device into UVAs, we are able to provide such parameters as an azimuth error or a signal level.


RDF inspection

Cursir offers a groundbreaking tool for RDF units calibration and maintenance. By means of integrating RDF signal generator into our UVAs, we are able to evaluate the following parameter: an average bearing error, (ΔП).


What we offer you

You can purchase a product or order a flight inspection service


You get a complete product consisting of a drone with a payload, a control console, software, and a ground base station. We train your staff, as well as carry out maintenance and repairs.

  • Cursir drone

  • Instructional process

  • Support

  • Maintenance and repair


We can make a plan of inspections for a period or conduct them on demand when we receive your request. We use our drones and specialists. You get a standard report.

  • Inspection plan

  • Cursir drone and staff

  • Flight inspection

  • Standard reports

Benefits of using Cursir drones

All the benefits are about cost reduction and safety enhancement

  • To use aircraft-laboratory for flight inspections 1.5-3 times less often

  • To reduce the duration of each flight inspection

  • To perform a pre-validation check to configure and calibrate new equipment at the test stage



The low cost of the flight hour and the increased interval between mandatory flight checks will save money.


Working at any time of the day, in free intervals between flights, allows you to effectively managing airport time.

On-demand service

Drones are compact and can be effortlessly delivered by air or land, which makes it easy and fast to respond to customer requests.


With the positioning system, the ability to hover at one point and fly at different speeds it is possible to conduct accurate checks.


All the drones are equipped with parachutes and search beacons. All the flights are agreed in advance with local ATC operators.


Most measurements do not require airport personnel or facilities to perform a flight inspection, only communication with the dispatcher on duty.