ILS inspections

Types of measurements


  • Localizer arc
  • Course alignment
  • Course structure
  • Displacement sensitivity

Glide slope

  • Modulation
  • Glide angle
  • Height of reference datum
  • Glide path structure
  • Displacement sensitivity

Marker beacon

  • Coverage (field strength, indications)


Magas Airport ILS inspection

Glide slope

NAVAID calibration drone is a unique and groundbreaking tool for flight tests, necessary for commissioning and regular maintenance of instrument landing systems (ILS) of all categories. CURSIR designed the solution for ground equipment maintenance teams, manufacturers of navigational aids, and systems installation engineers.

ILS testing and adjustment got a lot easier due to the high flexibility of the drone’s use. UAV could perform inspections in the ILS far-field as well as ILS elevation profiles and mini approaches with the inspection to analyze the ILS signals (course alignment, slope angle, alarms, displacement sensitivity, etc.) and to supplement the ground and manned flight measurements in a more comprehensive mean. For instance, measurements of an azimuth characteristic in the ± 12° sector might be obstructed when using a ground vehicle. UAV guarantees a significant improvement due to its ability to fly, applying a targeted trajectory, which does not involve any roads.

The same applies to glide path measurements. In general, CURSIR offers a supplement to currently existing ground-based measurements. The new technology provides an opportunity for a potential extending of the intervals between flight inspections, reducing the manned aircraft flight inspection frequency and thus decreasing the overall operational cost for air navigation service providers.