VOR and DVOR inspections

Cursir offers a groundbreaking tool, designed for VOR maintenance and calibration. By integrating a VOR signal measuring device into UVAs, we are able to provide such parameters as an azimuth error or a signal level. These parameters are tied in with a location, accurate within 1 сm, due to the precise global positioning system of our UVAs. Appling such data, we are able to form reports and diagrams with the same measurements, which are now used by VOR maintenance teams, including:

  • Alignments
  • Angles
  • Azimuth error
  • Modulations
  • Structure

We incorporate this hardware based solution with our software tools for mission planning, data processing and radio measuring complex management.

Cursir provides reliable and cost efficient service of diagnostic summer testing for the purpose of reduction of required time and cost of regular VOR applications, increasing airport hardware calibration automation. It is achieved by means of repeating the missions, performed by an aircraft.

Our UVAs work both during a day and at night.
We provide the following for airports:

  • Increase of staff efficiency
  • Maintenance costs reduction 
  • Significant improvement of hardware testing precision
  • Compliance with testing terms, providing the ability to work during a day and at night
  • VOR measurements in less accessible areas

Our solutions and specifications are developed in compliance with ICAO regulations and together with major airport operators and civil aviation authorities.