Drones for flight inspections of navigational aids

CURSIR produces innovative drone-based solutions for flight tests of navigational aids
and airports inspections.

The solution is designed to cover the main profiles and parameters of ILS, VOR, RDF, PAPI, Runway Lights, and MLAT.

CURSIR follows the standards and recommended practices of ICAO manuals and specifications (ICAO Doc. 8071, Doc. 9157, Annex 10, 14)
for aeronautical telecommunications.

See how it works

Types of systems for checking

ILS inspection

NAVAID calibration drone is a unique and groundbreaking tool for flight tests, necessary for commissioning and regular maintenance of instrument landing systems (ILS) of all categories. 

ILS system

PAPI and Lights inspection

CURSIR designed the solution for PAPI calibration and runway lighting testing applying UAV. A high viewpoint, a precise position control system, and software are advantages for efficient data analysis.


VOR inspection

CURSIR solution for VOR tests brings data previously available only with flight inspection aircraft. Thus, the solution improves ground checks by effectively complementing the maintenance personnel tools.


RDF inspection

CURSIR offers a groundbreaking tool for RDF units calibration and maintenance – the NAVAID calibration drone. CURSIR solution forms reports and graphs with the measurements RDF maintenance teams are using now.


What we offer you

You can purchase a product or order a flight calibration service


You get a complete product consisting of a drone with a payload, a control console, software, and a ground base station. CURSIR trains your staff, as well as carries out maintenance and repairs of the drones.

  • NAVAID Calibration Drone

  • Instructional process

  • Support

  • Maintenance and repair


CURSIR provides drones as a service and performs flight tests and calibrations. CURSIR provides drones and specialists. You get a standard report and recommendations.

  • Inspection plan

  • NAVAID Calibration Drone and staff

  • Inspection execution

  • Standard reports and recommendations

Benefits of working with CURSIR

All the benefits are about cost reduction and safety enhancement

  • Cutting flight inspection costs up to 30%

  • Reducing airport downtime

  • On-demand service – no scheduling

  • Fast maintenance and repair

  • Reduction of CO² emission and noise pollution


  Cost savings

Reduction of the aircraft flight hours and extensions of the interval between flight inspections.

  Downtime reduction

Using small time slots at any time of the day is enough for efficient operation to avoid interruptions of the airport workflow.

On-demand service

Drones are compact and can be effortlessly delivered by air or land. Easy transportation and deployment for day and night operations.


With the centimeter-level RTK accuracy, the ability to hover at one point and fly at different speeds, it is possible to conduct accurate checks and deliver repeatable results.


All the drones are equipped with parachutes and search beacons. Connection with ATC tower. The duplication of critical systems. 


Automatic execution of work using pre-programmed missions with minimal human intervention.