PAPI, APAPI and Lights

Types of measurements

  • PAPI Installation Horizontality
  • Transition Angles For Each PAPI Unit
  • PAPI System Angle
  • MEHT
  • Angular Coverage
  • Symmetry
  • Lights On/Off
  • Relative Brightness

CURSIR designed the solution for PAPI calibration and runway lighting testing applying UAV. A high viewpoint, a precise position control system, and software are advantages for efficient data analysis.

The solution enhances operations of PAPI calibration, visual aids checks, runway control at all airports in terms of foreign objects detection and damage control. This groundbreaking approach, applying UAV, is more efficient than currently used solutions due to the precision of system placement and its maintenance methods.

CURSIR provides a software platform and tools, which guarantee total control over mission execution and provide a visualization of acquired data (photo and video), allowing for the analysis of such results.

CURSIR drones and methods for PAPI inspection are applicable for commissioning and verification and can completely replace flight inspection aircraft.

The ICAO regulates the use of drones for PAPI inspection in a document Doc 9157 Aerodrome Design Manual, Part 4 – Visual Aids, 5th edition (Amendment  1, 07/12/2021), paragraphs 8.3.43 – 8.3.46 that CURSIR methods fully comply.