ILS inspections

A mobile radio measuring complex is a unique and groundbreaking tool for execution of special checks, necessary for commissioning and regular maintenance of instrument landing systems (ILS) of all categories. It has been specifically developed for the use by ground equipment maintenance teams, manufacturers of radio-technical equipment and aeronautical telecommunication tools and systems installation and maintenance engineers. Testing and setting of ILS and AFE got a lot easier due to a high level of flexibility of a complex use. UAV can easily get access to less accessible areas. For instance, measurements of an azimuth characteristic in ± 12° sector might be obstructed in case of use of a measuring vehicle. UAV guarantees a significant improvement due to its ability to fly, applying a targeted trajectory, which does not involve any roads.

The same applies to glide path measurements. In general, Cursir offers an alternative to currently existing measuring means, which apply ground-based measurements, and provides opportunity for potential increase of summer testing terms and allows significant reduction of flight radio-technical support maintenance costs.



Our team

Measured parameters

  • Localizer course alignment 
  • Glide slope angle
  • Localizer and glide slope width
  • Displacement sensitivity
  • Course structure
  • SDM
  • DDM
  • Frequency offset
  • Field strength

Marker beacon

  • Field strength
  • Coverage