PAPI, APAPI and Lights

Cursir develops a solution for a system of PAPI calibration and control of ground-based flight strip lightning (foreign objects detection) and damage, applying UVA. A high view point, a precise position control system and controlling software are an advantage in terms of efficiency and data analysis.

This product is designed for enhancement of operations of PAPI calibration systems, flight strip control at all airports, in terms of foreign objects detection, lightning navigational aids and damage control. This groundbreaking approach, applying UVA, is more efficient than currently used solutions due to precision of system placement and its maintenance methods.

The solution is tied in with Cursir software platform and tools, which guarantee total control over mission execution and provide presentation of acquired data (photo and video), allowing to analyse such results.

These solution and maintenance methods, along with all of other our products,  are developed in compliance with ICAO regulations and together with major airport operators and civil aviation authorities.

In case you are interested in this product, please, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about it and our plans of its further development.

PAPI (not photometric, visual method):

  • Vertical aiming angles
  • Light intensity
  • Transition angle check
  • Environmental consideration check
  • Transition angle distribution


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