About us

Company Cursir is an R&D subdivision of the RTS Union. It was founded in 2015 for scientific and practical research in the field of landing and navigation systems along with diagnostics and control of such systems. Cursir is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Center.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Vitaly Munirov has 14 years of experience in the aviation industry. Currently, he heads the NPO RTS company - landing and navigation system manufacturer. For several years, Vitaly was the chief of the research and development department.

Our projects

  • Airport of Strezhevoy, Tomsk Region, Russia, ILS (IATA: SWT, ICAO: UNSS)
  • Balandino airport, Chelyabinsk, Russia: VOR, RDF, ILS (IATA: CEK, ICAO: USCC)
  • Airport of Kurgan, Kurgan, Russia: ILS, RDF, lights (IATA: KRO, ICAO: USUU)
  • Airport of Noyabrsk, YNAO, Russia: ILS (IATA: NOJ, ICAO: USRO)
  • Gyumri, Shirak Airport, Armenia: ILS (IATA: LWN, ICAO: UDSG)